Game-Making Resources

Here’s a list of resources, and tips on making sure you’re doing things the right way. Please note that I’m posting my favorite sources. If you have any other resource places you want to suggest, feel free to note me, and I’ll add them to the list. [I’m posting this so other people and I can easily access resources without looking for days] c:
This list will be updated every time I find a new good resource, so make sure that you check back if you’re really interested in resources.  


If you can’t make your own music, you don’t have someone to make music for you, or if you want sound effects for your game, it’s really nice to know sites that give you free, un-copyrighted sounds for use in non-commercial or commercial products. Here are some sites that offer completely free music. But make sure that you look at the license agreements for each site, or each track before downloading and using them. [I like this site the best] [You can only use these tracks from this page in non-profit projects, fyi. And the rules are a bit stricter, so make sure you read them]

Stock Images/Textures

Again, check the license agreements 

Textures; (I love her the most because 90% of her textures don’t have rules for use, so you can do whatever the heck you want with them) (Remember to look at the rules of each individual image you might use)

Stock images;

Tiles/Tilesets/Game resourses;

Pixel Art/ Spriting Tutorials; [This is only for animating sprites in Flash. But it’s still very useful, and I’m sure you guys can figure out something to do with this. c:]

Resizing Pixel art

RPGmaker tutorials;

Color Pallets/theory help;

This is helpful if you don’t know color theory, and can help make colors more harmonious. (Useful for if you like the color schemes of an image or drawing, but don’t know how to make a pallet from it.)

PurpleKecleon’s color tutorial (Even though this is for painting, it’s still VERY IMPORTANT COLOR INFORMATION.)




RPGMakerVX Demo


Character Maker 1999

Character Maker Pro (Character maker 1999, but in Spanish)

Zorn’s RM2k tutorial

RM Recker

Paint Tool SAI


Pencil Animation Software

Creatoon Animation Software

MakeHuman (3D Modeling software)

Unity 3.5.4

Scirras Construct 2


Game Maker



Dustismo Roman





Other Interesting sites;

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